Discover Northumberland On a UK Wildlife Holiday

It’s easy to overlook the natural treasures right on our doorstep in the UK. Wildlife holidays in Northumberland can go a long way towards changing that. 

When most people think of a wildlife holiday, the UK is probably not the first destination that comes to mind. That said, however, a UK wildlife holiday has myriad attractions to offer to those who don’t want to undergo long-haul travel and are interested in discovering the natural treasures that lie a little closer to home.

With such a diverse range of landscapes and an often-overlooked range of species to sight, the UK is an exciting and interesting country to explore from a nature-based perspective. If you book a well-planned UK wildlife holiday with a dedicated travel company you’ll be in for a holiday to remember. The best companies offer comfortable accommodation, knowledgeable guides and plenty of opportunity to make the most of the wildlife.

The Farne Islands and Northumberland

This relatively unknown part of the country is simply teeming with different species of animals. The rocky habitats on the islands are perfect for many avian species as well as seals. In fact, the Farne Islands are arguably the most exciting place to see seabirds in England, with 37,000 pairs of puffins being the highlight. There are also around 25 other species of bird that make the islands their home, and every year more than 1000 Grey Seal pups are born there.

Considering the area in a historical context, the islands are bound with Celtic Christianity and the famous St Cuthbert, who resided in the area in the 7th century. The visitor centre is extremely interesting and there is a medieval “pele tower” and a well-preserved Victorian lighthouse.

A UK wildlife holiday in this area will afford the opportunities to explore by boat and on foot. Many of the islands are hidden beneath the water at high tide, so the best way to see the highlights of The Farne Islands is, in fact, by boat.

While the Puffins are a highlight of the area, the Arctic Terns, Roseate Terns and many other nesting seabirds, such as Shags, Fulmars, Razorbills and Kittiwakes can be sighted here. From a base in the charming town of Seahouses you can visit Coquet Island, the Farne Islands and the Cheviot Hills, which lie just inland and offer a home to many upland birds, including the Dipper, Red Grouse, Peregrine and Raven.

A UK wildlife holiday has as much to offer as more exotic destinations around the world. While it is a privilege and a joy to travel further afield, it would be a mistake to pass up the opportunity to explore the natural beauty on our own doorstep.

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